Why U-TILLY recommend Snap Camera for virtual backgrounds for video conferencing

The growing need for virtual backdrops for video conferencing With the proliferation of remote work, video conferencing has become a new habit. While video conferencing is easy to use regardless of the location, there is a growing need to adjust the background, such as “I don’t want to show a messy home” or “I just want to blur the background. Virtual backgrounds allow you to swap out your own backgrounds for your favorite wallpapers. What do you do with a video conferencing tool that doesn’t allow for virtual background settings? Tools that can change the virtual background as a basic setting, such as ZOOM, are fine, but if you are using a tool that does not have virtual background change as a basic feature, such as Google Meet, you will be in trouble. But that’s okay. The tool described in this article, Snap Camera, allows you to set up a virtual background in basically any video conferencing tool. WHAT IS Snap Camera? Snap Camera is a lens service that allows you to create virtual backgrounds and add effects to your face by modifying your camera, and is run by Snap, a company familiar with Snapchat. In addition to video conferencing, […]

Skype releases new ‘Meet Now’ feature for account-less video conferencing

Skype releases new ‘Meet Now’ feature Skype, the video conferencing tool, has announced the release of Meet Now, a new feature that will allow users to start video conferencing without an account, on April 4, 2020. Until now, it was difficult to conduct video conferencing without a Skype account, but with this release, it will be possible to conduct video conferencing without a Skype account. Main features of “Meet Now The key features of Meet Now are as follows Register an account to conduct a video conference You can have a video conference in your browser without installing the app   Only Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have been confirmed as compatible browsers.   How to use Meet Now We’ll show you how to use Meet Now in practice. As it turns out, it’s very speedy and I’ll link you to the appropriate page on Skype. Click on “Create a free meeting” on the right side of the screen. A conference link will be created. After a few seconds of waiting, a conference link will be created as shown below. Invite conference attendees to the link. Click on the invite button to select Outlook email and Gmail in addition to […]

Auto-correct your sketches with the smart drawing feature of the online whiteboard MIRO!

Introduction This article discusses the smart drawing feature of MIRO, an online whiteboarding service. What is miro? MIRO is a whiteboarding service that can be used online. For example, you can intuitively do tasks online that you would normally do using a whiteboard, such as putting up a fusen, drawing shapes freely, organizing, and writing a mind map. Specifically, the power of the system is demonstrated in the following cases The role of the whiteboard in brainstorming Design prototyping A notepad of ideas. A folder to organize images, etc.   Please refer to the following article for the basic use of MIRO. Introducing Miro, a convenient online whiteboard service   What is the Smart Drawing Function? Smart Drawing is a feature that allows you to automatically convert penciled drawings on MIRO’s workspace into accurate shapes, sticky notes, and connecting lines. Smart Drawing allows you to automatically organize your sketches in a meeting into easy-to-see shapes.   Turn on/off the smart drawing function The Smart Drawing feature is available when you check the box that appears when you click on the pencil icon in MIRO’s Workspace menu. Available in the app and in your browser The smart drawing feature is available […]

How ZOOM and Slack work together!

Introduction In this article, we will show you how ZOOM and Slack work together and what they can do for you, as well as how ZOOM and Slack work together. By linking the two services together, you will be able to further speed up your business.  In order to use Slack and ZOOM, you need to be a member of a paid ZOOM plan. About ZOOM If you want to know how to use the online video conferencing tool ZOOM, check out this article for basic usage and tips! Introducing ZOOM, A Convenient Video Chat Tool   About Slack If you want to check out how to use Slack and tips on how to use it, check out this article! What is a channel? What do you do with tool linkage? Meet the basics of Slack   What you can do with Slack and ZOOM First of all, with the integration of Slack and ZOOM, you will be able to do the following You can set up ZOOM meetings on Slack Even if a participant does not have ZOOM installed, he or she can send an invitation on Slack. ZOOM can replace Slack’s call feature   How to connect Slack […]

Online Whiteboard MIRO’s useful external collaboration services at a glance!

What is the online whiteboard tool miro? MIRO is a whiteboard tool that can be used online. The Whiteboard Tool allows you to do a variety of tasks that you can do using a real whiteboard, such as putting up a fuselage, drawing freely, and making a mind map, just like you would use a whiteboard. You can register for free at miro’s URL here. For more information on miro, please see the following article for basic usage. The basics of using the convenient online whiteboard service miro Introducing Miro, a convenient online whiteboard service In this article, we introduce ways to use miro more conveniently by linking with external tools for those who are familiar with miro.   miro can be linked with external tools. miro can be used even more effectively with the “miro Marketplace” as well as with other collaboration tools and with external services other than miro. Works with over 70 applications As of March 2020, we can confirm that it is capable of working with over 70 applications. For example, you can integrate with Confluence / Jira / Trello / Slack / Google / Dropbox / Github / Google Spreadsheets / Microsoft Excel / Salesforce / […]