What is TrueView or Masthead? Introducing YouTube Ad Types

 What Is YouTube? YouTube is arguably the world’s leading video platform. As a viewer, you can search for your favorite movies or add channels to watch them. As a distributor, you can create your own channels and deliver videos to viewers around the world. This article provides an overview of YouTube ads, including their types. What is YouTube’s Monetization? So how does YouTube make money? Basically, YouTube has two major monetization methods. Monetization through advertising revenue YouTube is an advertising revenue model. Specifically, they make money from the advertising fees for the video ads they run on YouTube. The ads are embedded in videos created by YouTube and other broadcasters. For this reason, the more videos broadcasters make, the more inventory they have as advertisements. Also, since videos are charged for playback (= Revenues from plays and play times), the more people watch the created videos, the more monetization will increase. About monetizing YouTuber You can see that a popular YouTube bar makes a lot of money. Advertisers pay for YouTube ads. Advertising costs go to YouTube. The system is structured so that YouTube will be paid based on the number of YouTube ads it receives. Monetization with premium members […]

AdBlock Plus Is A Chrome Extension To Block YouTube Video Ads

Introduction When you play a video on YouTube, you sometimes have to watch an ad before the video itself. If you’re looking for a quick video, this ad can be annoying. Here’s how to block them. What Is YouTube Ads? One of the ways YouTube monetizes is through advertising. There are a variety of formats for YouTube ads, the most common of which is TrueView (Trueview). It shows “You can skip this advertisement after 5 seconds.” before you watch a video recently, and after 5 seconds you can choose to skip the ad or watch the rest. How to Block YouTube Ads Here’s how to block YouTube ads. YouTube Premium is ad-free. Basically, if you subscribe to the monthly YouTube premium, the ads will be hidden. You are not a YouTube Premium subscriber. Google Chrome Extension “Adblock Plus” Install Google Chrome extension Adblock Plus. Add it from the following Chrome Web Store link. Adblock Plus is one of the most popular ad blocking tools with 500 million downloads worldwide. Click here for Adblock Plus AdBlock Plus is only available for Google Chrome. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer cannot be used. When the addition is complete, a screen similar to […]

Video production services that can be crowdsourced and commissioned online, from YouTube to advertising

Introduction Demand for video production is accelerating with the spread of YouTube and the increase in line speeds. As 5G becomes more popular in and after 2020, richer content is expected to increase. In this article, we introduce a video production service that can be used by crowdsourcing. How the crowdsourced video production service works In general production companies, planning and storytelling of videos are decided through discussions. Our strength in crowdsourcing video production services is that we can complete them online without face-to-face meetings. Here are the main points of crowdsourcing video production:. Complete the production process online Orien content makes it possible to select the best creator. There are also production-specific services such as conversion optimization. Reasonable price compared to general production companies Here’s a video production service that can be crowdsourced:. Crevo Crevo is an online video production company. Because Crevo has a flat pricing plan, there is little resistance when asking for a transparent price. You can work with not only Japanese creators but also registered creators from around the world depending on the project. Crevo’s unique video creation support tool “Basecamp” helps creators communicate more efficiently. Kaizen Platform Kaizen Platform is a performance-focused video production […]

The MacX Video Converter Pro makes it easy to convert videos and download YouTube videos in high definition!

Introduction “MacX Video Converter Pro” is a service that can help you convert video files and download online videos like YouTube.This article introduces you to the Mac version of the MacX Video Converter Pro. What is MacX Video Converter Pro? MacX Video Converter Pro is video conversion software for almost all formats.This service is provided by Digiarty Software, which provides various software services. As the name says, the OS is Mac OS. It’s also available on Windows. The Windows version is called “WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe“. The functions available are the same. Getting Started with the MacX Video Converter Pro Here’s how to get started with the MacX Video Converter Pro. The MacX Video Converter Pro is a desktop application. You need to install and use it. Go to the official site. First, click “Download”. Once the download is complete, you can use it for free with some limitations. If you want to use all the functions without limit, you will buy it.   Pricing for the MacX Video Converter Pro Next, let’s look at the pricing structure for the MacX Video Converter Pro. The MacX Video Converter Pro is normally priced at $40.43, but you can purchase it for $29.95 thanks to the current “Thanksgiving Day” […]

How to Responsive YouTube Videos in WordPress

Introduction Responsive response has recently become mainstream on sites such as Word Press. In this article, we look specifically at how to respond to YouTube videos. Responsiveness Responsive design is defined on Google’s developer site as follows:. This is the method Google recommends. It delivers the same HTML code with the same URL, regardless of the user’s device type (PC, tablet, mobile, non-visual browser), but with different rendering methods depending on the screen size. Responsive web design is a design method that Google recommends. Responding to YouTube Videos Here’s how to respond to YouTube videos. Add CSS Open the CSS Edit screen from Appearance > Theme Editor. Add the following CSS here. This time I will add “youtube1” for convenience. In the CSS, set the width and height of the iframe element to 100%. The image appears as if the position is absolute. .youtube { position: relative; width: 100%; padding-top: 56.25%; } .youtube iframe { position: absolute; top: 0; right: 0; width: 100% !important; height: 100% !important; } That’s all for adding CSS.   Add code on the posting screen Next, enter the following code on the actual posting screen. Press <div> before and after the embedded code. It uses […]