YOUTRUST, a referral site platform for side jobs and job changes

Introduction With the diversification of working styles, there are many services related to side and side jobs. Nowadays, people can easily use various kinds of services from crowdsourcing to skill sharing.   Reference: 【2019年保存版】副業・兼業・パラレルワークに役立つおすすめのサービスを一気にご紹介 | ユーティリー YOUTRUST, introduced in this article, is a service based on the concept of being a referral and a side job matching service. In many ways, it’s safer to match through a friend than to match with a company you don’t know anything about.   What is YOUTRUST? Let’s introduce YOUTRUST now. YOUTRUST is a referral platform that allows you to receive offers from friends and friends and start a side job. YOUTRUST is operated by YOUTRUST Corporation. YOUTRUST Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, so it is quite a new service.   How to get started with YOUTRUST Free Registration via Facebook You can register YOUTRUST from this link. As of July 2019, Facebook is the only way to register. Click the [Login to Facebook] button.   Select the desire to work as a side job There will be some tutorials, but the side job motivation selection screen will be displayed. Your offer will change depending on your choice of side job. Select Friend […]

Useful for remote work! 8 Out-of-the-Box Remote Work Support Tools

Introduction Due to the impact of COVIT -19, companies continue to see news of an emergency switch to remote work. In this article, we will pick out services that are useful for remote work. You can find links to related articles about each service. Tools to help with meetings It is almost essential for business, but it is a meeting including big and small. Online teleconferences replace meetings in conference rooms. In this article, we introduce ZOOM and Whereby which you can participate in a conference with a single link. ZOOM ZOOM is an online video conferencing tool that has become popular in recent years. The advantage of ZOOM is that you can easily video conference by sharing a link with conference participants. Also, compared to other video conferencing tools, the high quality sound is a strong point. You’ll need to install the ZOOM app on your PC for the first time, but once it’s installed, you’ll be able to hold meetings with just a link. Easily join a meeting with a URL Sound quality does not deteriorate with large number of participants. Be able to share screens Can record on the screen Introducing ZOOM, A Convenient Video Chat Tool […]

Streamline Your Business with an Online Assistant | Discover the Benefits and Demerit Recommendations

What is Online Assistant Service? The online assistant service (= Online secretarial services) is a new type of service that has been attracting attention in recent years.This is a new type of service that enables you to outsource miscellaneous tasks online, such as preparing materials, coordinating schedules with business partners, and managing internal meetings.In this article, we introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the online secretary service, its basic usage, and recommended online secretary service. basic usage of the online assistant service The online assistant service (= Online secretarial services) is a service to request an operation through chat and videoconference. Going online also reduces resources by eliminating the need for face-to-face interaction. You can ask for a wide range of work, but it is mainly miscellaneous tasks rather than specialized areas.   [Main users] sole proprietors, managers, company employees, etc. [Purpose of Use] Outsourcing chores to reduce resources [Main Business Requests]secretarial work / internal task management / Schedule reconciliation with business partners / updating internal documents / Update Excel, spreadsheets, etc.   ●secretarial work internal task management Schedule reconciliation with business partners updating internal documents Update Excel, spreadsheets, etc.   ●Human Resources and General Affairs Interview Coordination […]

Cloud Factoring OLTA Can Cash Your Invoices On The Same Day!

Introduction The number of freelancers is rapidly increasing due to the acceleration of various working styles, including the reform of working styles and the lifting of the ban on part-time work. In North America, it’s even predicted that 50% of freelancers will be freelancers by 2020 (Lancers). At the same time, financing is a critical issue for freelancers. For example, it’s best to have a short time between sending an invoice and depositing money. What Is Factoring? Factoring services are financing services that dramatically reduce the time it takes to receive cash by purchasing invoices (= Accounts receivable). Since factoring services are a purchase of receivables, they have the advantage of speeding up procurement because they are not loans (= Debts). See the following articles for a general description of factoring services and a comparison of key services. Compare the factoring services available for freelancers! Speed, reliability, and fees?   What Is OLTA? OLTA is a cloud factoring service provided by OLTA Inc. What kind of company is OLTA Inc? OLTA Corporation is a startup founded in 2017. However, in June 2.5 billion, we successfully raised 2019 yen in capital from major financial institutions such as MUTB, SMBC, and Mizuho Bank. As a result, we […]

Compare the factoring services available for freelancers! Speed, reliability, and fees?

Introduction For freelancers, sole proprietors, and small and medium-sized enterprises, cash flow-related issues, such as financing and financing, may be one of the most difficult issues. In this article, we introduce factoring services that enable customers to purchase receivables such as invoices and cash them first. What is Factoring Services? Factoring services are “a service that enables accounts receivable to be purchased”. Receivables are claims, such as invoices, that you have promised to receive but have not yet received. When considering the cash flow of a business, there is a risk that a long deposit cycle will be fatal. not a loan Factoring service is not a loan because it is a model to purchase receivables, which are assets. Therefore, guarantors and collateral are not necessary. Factoring Services Considerations, So where should factoring services be considered? There are three main items. Cashing Speed Reliability Commission Cashing Speed Needless to say, how long it takes to receive cash is a very important factor. Reliability Is it okay to use the factoring company? Reliability is a very important factor, whether the company is a suspicious company or whether it is financially sound. Commission Lastly, there is a handling charge. Since factoring is a service where you […]