Recommending the multi-functional SEO analysis tool “SEMrush”.

What SEO analysis tools do you use?     SEO is a specialized skill that becomes very important in blog and site management. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a search engine optimization strategy.   Reference: “What is SEO?” marketing term   Basically, SEO comes from Google, Yahoo! to optimize (= display higher for the corresponding keyword) your search results. SEO, like any marketing practice, needs to be analyzed and strategic. This requires an analysis tool.     What is SEMrush?     As its name suggests, SEMrush is a marketing tool that specializes in search engine marketing (Search Marketing). Search solutions such as SEO and SEM.   Companies of the United States SEMrush is run by Semrush Inc. in Pennsylvania, USA. The tool is used by 4 million users worldwide, and major customers include well-known companies such as e-bay and Hewlett-Packard. It has just been adapted to Japanese. Originally, SEMrush was an overseas tool, and the language was English only. How to register SEMrush You can register SEMrush from this site.   SEMrush Pricing SEMrush is basically a paid tool. There are four main price plans. Pro plan: $99 Guru Plan: $199 Business Plan: $399 Enterprise Plan: […]