10 Important Things For Effective Brainstorming

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Purpose of Brainstorm

Let’s start with “Why do you do brainstorming in the first place?”. and brainstorming,

First, I’ll summarize why you have to do brainstorming, and what is the purpose of brainstorming. In a word:


“The purpose of brainstorming is to get ideas out of the way.”.


The main purpose of brainstorming is to get a lot of ideas out of your mind. So I have to say that brainstorming is a failure because there are few ideas.


Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that make brainstorming a success a fountain of ideas.

What is required for successful brainstorming

Let’s summarize the key points for success with brainstorming.

The following elements are required for successful brainstorming, which will be discussed later in detail.


Preparation stage

Preparation is the most important thing. The more you know why you’re doing brainstorming and what you want to gain by doing it, the higher the success rate of brainstorming.


Clarify why the project requires brainstorming


Let’s clarify at this point if the project needs brainstorming in the first place. Of course, you don’t have to do brainstorming when you don’t need it. It’s a waste of time for the participants.


Brainstorming is always needed in the following cases:.


The way to achieve the goal is not fixed.


For example, brainstorming can be useful in discussing what’s best when you have a “I want to do a project targeting women.” goal.

If you already know how to do it and what your goals are, you should do the best thing by counting backwards. If you have a plan to hold events targeting women, you can think more specifically about the contents and the schedule and proceed with the work in reverse.


  • Need to draw conclusions from multiple options
  • There are several ways to achieve your goals.
  • Increasing the number of projects and ideas leads to work in itself


In these cases, it makes sense to do brainstorming.


Articulate what ideas are coming out with brainstorming

Identify participants in brainstorming

The resolution of brainstorming is getting higher and higher. You must determine the topology required for the brainstorming. The participants are especially important.

It is no exaggeration to say that the assignment of a person is directly linked to the success of brainstorming.

Brainstorming The point of selection for participants depends on the purpose, but it is easier to achieve the purpose of brainstorming if there is more diversity. Diversity includes:.


  • Is your age skewed?
  • Is expertise unbalanced?
  • Is there gender bias?
  • Are people in the area you want to get hints assigned?

The amount of ideas increases relatively if you are from different places. Let’s stick to the participants of brainstorming.

Confirm the logistics of brainstorming

“Location” and “Time” are very important in brainstorming.

What is a good place for brainstorming?

It is easier to come up with ideas by switching brains compared to daily work. I recommend you to change your place as much as possible. Let’s physically separate from daily work.

It’s also said that it’s generally easier to come up with ideas when you’re in a high place. Let’s change the place, for example, to take a rental meeting room on the upper floor of a building.

The right time for brainstorming

In general, morning is recommended for brainstorming. Morning is the least stressful time for your brain. It’s a good idea to set it up in the morning to get new ideas out of the way. For the same reason, brainstorming may be more effective early in the week than later in the week.

This is the end of the preparation. The following are the points in the actual brainstorming.

During The Brainstorming Session

Next,  We will explain the points of the actual meeting.

Make the most of tools

Brainstorming can be enhanced with tools. On the other hand, if you don’t have this, you may lose efficiency all at once, so let’s use the tool effectively.


  • printing: colors
  • Magic pens: various colors
  • Whiteboard: Large Whiteboard
  • Blank: A blank sheet of paper (A3, B4, etc.) that can be used as a memo
  • Fake paper: If necessary


If you Need Brainstorming At Online,

If you’re brainstorming with a member from a different location, you may not need a real tool in the first place. Here are some useful whiteboard tools for online brainstorming. Miro has features such as Fusen and Grouping, which will be very useful for online brainstorming.



Deliberately creating time for personal thought

This is also a very effective tip. I dare give instructions such as “Please think about the title in 15 minutes and write it down on a paper balloon.”. In particular, doing this early in brainstorming can greatly increase the concentration of participants. Let’s make time to think independently without fear of silence first. After that, the quality of the brainstorming will rapidly increase.


Never deny the other opinion

This is the cardinal rule of brainstorming. Brainstorming is not a place to draw conclusions. It’s a place to diverge. Negation can interfere with your ideas. You should never deny it even if you think you are missing it.

When dealing with brainstorming, the most effective reactions are “Great!”, “I didn’t have that point of view!”, “That’s interesting.”, and so on.

Group ideas

When ideas come out one after another, it becomes a lot. Once you have the right amount of time, group your ideas. For example, when you use a fusen, you can bring the fusen of similar ideas closer together, or you can cover the same ideas and arrange them.

Grouping helps prevent discussion from becoming rigid by visualizing the bias of ideas.

Be sure to clarify the following actions

It is not an exaggeration to say that many of the objectives of brainstorming were fulfilled when the whole idea came out. Be sure to clarify your next action, rather than just sticking it out.

Diffusion and convergence are always one set. Let’s agree on the next action towards convergence.

For example, “Let’s bring the ideas that came up this time with priority from XX’s point of view until next week.”.


Photograph the results of the brainstorming

The important thing is to photograph the results of the brainstorming. Keep a record of everything that feels like an argument, like a whiteboard that you’ve written all over, or a memo pad that you’ve used individually. Because it can be recalled with visual effects, it is highly recommended to take a picture of the results of brainstorming.

These are the 10 important points for brainstorming.

Services to help with brainstorming

You may want to outsource your brainstorming features for some reason, such as freelancing. Here are some services you can use to help.


Timeticket is a service that you can buy and sell time in 30 minute increments. Anyone can buy and sell their own time from 30 minutes. If you search for “brainstorming” on this time ticket, you will find many brainstorming tickets. For example, there are many listings such as “I will help you with your ideas and brainstorming!”. Why don’t you check it out? Registration is free. Also, there are convenient tickets such as 1000 yen for 1 hour.






Coconala is a skill sharing service that anyone can display their specialty from 500 yen. Like time tickets, many brainstorming tickets appear when you search for “brainstorming” in coconala. The minimum listing price for coconala is 500 yen, so you can easily make a request for brainstorming.


And finally,

Did you notice that the key to enhancing the effectiveness of brainstorming is scattered across the different phases of brainstorming? This completes the “10 important things for effective brainstorming”.

Utilities offers a variety of useful services to help you work more efficiently.

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