7 learning services to learn business and programming!

Introduction This post focuses on learning services that help you improve your work skills. In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of online learning services, there are many environments where you can improve your skills without spending time and effort. Among them, we will introduce some utilities based on their popularity, versatility and usability. Schoo Schoo is an online video learning service based on the concept of “continue to learn”. You can watch a wide variety of channels such as business, technology, marketing, English conversation, engineer, and money. The main feature of Schoo is that everything is “live broadcasting” (If you are a paid member, you can watch videos.), and it also has the aspect of a community service where the students can communicate freely.S Overview of Schoo Service Schoo How to take the course Online video Concept Live broadcast community where adults continue to learn Genre ALL Features Live, Community Free plans ○ (Live viewing only) Paid plans Premium(980 JPY/M) Grow with Google Grow with Google is a free skill training program that Google launched in April 2019. Using the know-how that Google has cultivated through its training, this project provides free digital skill training to people in […]

How to use CASE statements to group data in the Google Data Portal

Introduction This article explains how to use the Google Data Portal to categorize data into arbitrary groups. Press the link below to read more about Google’s data portal. Google Data Portal Makes Data Visualization Easy and Attractive!   In the Google Data Portal, you can create arbitrary data groups by taking advantage of calculated fields. For example, you can:. Want English and non-English users Want to connect social media users I want to group pages for a specific URL? I want to consolidate certain areas   What are calculated fields? Calculated fields are a feature of the Google Data Portal that allows you to create your own metrics or dimensions by arbitrarily processing and calculating the fields in your data source. Using Calculated Fields Select Resources > Manage Added Data Sources > “Edit” for any data source. Click Add Field in the upper right corner. The formula editing screen is a calculated field as shown below. What is a CASE statement? This function is often used in CASE statements to group existing data or define new data. For example, to group the values for a given country into a [Sales Region] dimension, create a CASE statement similar to the following:. […]

How to SSL WordPress Sites Built on Google CloudPlatform (GDP) to HTTPS

Introduction   A series of articles on building WordPress media from scratch using the Google CloudPlatform (GDP). Here’s how to build a WordPress site using the following Google services:.   Servers, etc.: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Domains: GoogleDomains CMS: WordPress In the first article, I installed WordPress on Google CloudPlatform (GDP) and finished setting up the domain. Check out the article below for more details. GoogleCloudPlatform(GCP)でワードプレスメディアをゼロから作成する方法 Configuring DNS for WordPress Media Created with Google CloudPlatform (GDP)     What this article describes Here’s how to turn your WordPress site on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into HTTPS (= how to SSL-enable). What is SSL? First, I will explain about SSL briefly. If the URL of the site is HTTP, such as “http://~~”, the communication is not encrypted and there is a risk that the communication data between the browser and the server may be eavesdropped or, in the worst case, altered by a third party. By encrypting the site, the communication can be encrypted so that users can use it with confidence. SSH Settings  This article describes how to implement Let’s Encrypt, a free SSL certificate issuance service, on Google Cloud Platform (GDP). If you want to do SSL certification with […]

Configuring DNS for WordPress Media Created with Google CloudPlatform (GDP)

Introduction This article shows you how to build wordpress media from scratch using the Google CloudPlatform (GDP). This article is divided into the first part and the second part. We will introduce the site construction using the following services.   Servers, etc.: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Domains: GoogleDomains (Google Domain) CMS: WordPress   In the first part of this article, I showed you how to install WordPress on the Google CloudPlatform (GDP) to bring up the initial screen. Please check this if you like. Creating WordPress Media on the GoogleCloudPlatform (GDP)   We will proceed from the status of “You can display the word press page by IP address.”. Here’s how to use Google Cloud Platform (GDP) to tie together domains you’ve purchased from Google domains.   Make the IP address static The IP address immediately after creation is assigned an ephemeral. Ephemeral means “short-lived” and is temporary, changing with each deployment. If the IP address changes every time you deploy, it becomes complicated, so you need to change the fixed IP address = static IP address. Open the menu on the left side of the main Google Cloud Platform (GDP) dashboard.   Choose Networking > VPC Network > External […]

Creating WordPress Media on the GoogleCloudPlatform (GDP)

Introduction In this article, I’ll show you how to create a WordPress site from scratch using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This article is divided into the first part and the second part. We will introduce the site construction using the following services. Servers, etc.: Google Cloud Platform Domains: GoogleDomains CMS: WordPress Benefits of using Google services Here are some of the benefits of using nearly all of Google’s services:.   You can start for free: you can start for free for practically the first year because you have free credit. Easy integration with Google tools: Connect with other services using your Google account. Same Support Center: Different departments but basically Google is the center so it’s not complicated. Buying Your Domain with GoogleDomains Buy a domain in Google Domains. Search for the domain name you want and put it in the cart. You can pay by credit card. When your purchase is complete, your domain appears in My Domain.     Configuring the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Next, let’s talk about building an environment on Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform Registration First, you need to register with Google Cloud Platform. Register an account from the official site. Start […]

A powerful ally for writers! Bunken Is An Awesome Tool For Writing Writers That Can Be Copy-Pasted

Introduction It’s difficult to review and revise writing by yourself. For example, there are various pitfalls such as mistakes in usage of idioms as well as checking for typos and omissions. Crowdworks and other freelance crowdsourcing services also have a number of projects related to writing, but improving the quality of writing is key to increasing the cost of projects. Refference:   What is Bunken?   Bunken is a writing support tool provided by Webrider Inc. In addition to checking for typographical errors and omissions, you can check sentences from various viewpoints such as readability and understandability. So, writing, of course, is a useful tool for every job out there.   Bunken’s Useful Work writer Editor Public Relations Marketing of SNS operations text check for site creation Customer support via email   Performance of Bunken Bunken is trustworthy not only because of the track record of major companies such as JTB and KDDI, but also because of the track record of newspaper companies such as Sankei Living Newspaper!   Bunken Benefits Here are the benefits of Bunken. Easy by copy-pasting! When it comes to editing and editing, it can be a bit daunting, but Bunken does this with a single […]