7 learning services to learn business and programming!

Introduction This post focuses on learning services that help you improve your work skills. In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of online learning services, there are many environments where you can improve your skills without spending time and effort. Among them, we will introduce some utilities based on their popularity, versatility and usability. Schoo Schoo is an online video learning service based on the concept of “continue to learn”. You can watch a wide variety of channels such as business, technology, marketing, English conversation, engineer, and money. The main feature of Schoo is that everything is “live broadcasting” (If you are a paid member, you can watch videos.), and it also has the aspect of a community service where the students can communicate freely.S Overview of Schoo Service Schoo How to take the course Online video Concept Live broadcast community where adults continue to learn Genre ALL Features Live, Community Free plans ○ (Live viewing only) Paid plans Premium(980 JPY/M) Grow with Google Grow with Google is a free skill training program that Google launched in April 2019. Using the know-how that Google has cultivated through its training, this project provides free digital skill training to people in […]

What is the GDPR? Explanation of measures against GDPR by site operators such as WordPress

Introduction In recent years, regulations have rapidly advanced in the area of personal information protection. This regulation on personal information is being advanced all over the world. The Japanese government is also actively discussing this issue. In particular, the EU has enacted a law called the GDPR, which regulates methods of obtaining personal information on the web, such as cookies. This article explains what the GDPR is and what measures are necessary for site operators using WordPress. What are cookies? A mechanism for storing information in a browser on a Web page. You can obtain and provide login information and terminal information as cookie information.   Key points of this article First, I’ll list the points of this article! If you don’t have time, please take a look at this point. All companies that collect personal data from EU residents May require user consent to retrieve information Privacy Policy needs to be updated Update and user consent required for personal information retrieval tool If you fail to comply with the GDPR, there are fines and other sanctions. Revision of the Personal Information Protection Law in Japan May Stricter the Rules What is the GDPR? Let’s start with the GDPR. GDPR […]

Useful for remote work! 8 Out-of-the-Box Remote Work Support Tools

Introduction Due to the impact of COVIT -19, companies continue to see news of an emergency switch to remote work. In this article, we will pick out services that are useful for remote work. You can find links to related articles about each service. Tools to help with meetings It is almost essential for business, but it is a meeting including big and small. Online teleconferences replace meetings in conference rooms. In this article, we introduce ZOOM and Whereby which you can participate in a conference with a single link. ZOOM ZOOM is an online video conferencing tool that has become popular in recent years. The advantage of ZOOM is that you can easily video conference by sharing a link with conference participants. Also, compared to other video conferencing tools, the high quality sound is a strong point. You’ll need to install the ZOOM app on your PC for the first time, but once it’s installed, you’ll be able to hold meetings with just a link. Easily join a meeting with a URL Sound quality does not deteriorate with large number of participants. Be able to share screens Can record on the screen Introducing ZOOM, A Convenient Video Chat Tool […]

Free trademark search! Introducing Toreru, an online trademark registration service in Japan!

Introduction When you start a new business or service, you must apply for a trademark to protect the right to the name of the service. In this article, we introduce Toreru, a service that can easily and cost-effectively register complicated trademark registrations online. What is a trademark? A trademark is like a trademark that determines a service when you buy a service or a product. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry defines trademarks as follows. >>> A trademark is a mark (identification marker) used by a business to distinguish its goods and services (own company) from those of others (other company). For example, “Kagome ketchup” distinguishes itself from KAGOME ketchup by recognizing the KAGOME brand of ketchup through its name, logo, and so on. If a completely different company makes and sells a product called “Kagome ketchup” the market will be confused. The trademark provides protection by granting rights to marks that identify such services. Trademark Law defines a mark used for goods or services as a trademark. A mark is defined as “Characters, figures, symbols or three-dimensional shapes, or a combination thereof, or a combination thereof with colors”. The wording is a little complicated, so to simplify it, if you […]

Meet “Arc”, an app that automatically notifies you of KPIs like site visits on your Slack channel

Arc can use Slack to automatically get marketing metrics for your service In this article, we introduce you to Arc, an application that can automatically notify you of changes in numbers in Google Analytics. External integration with Slack Like Arc, Slack is designed to work with external applications to improve the quality of your work. Check out the utility’s coverage of Slack below. Introducing Related Articles About Slack, Business Chat Service.   What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a site analysis tool provided by Google. In addition to easy integration with other Google services, it is a very high-quality site analysis tool that can use most of the functions for free. To learn more about Google Analytics, check out the following articles:. How To Use Google Analytics For Marketing   What Is Arc? Let me explain about Arc. Arc is Slack’s external companion app that lets you notify Slack when you’ve set a certain amount of time in Google Analytics ’ data. What You Can Do with Arc For example, you can define and notify data that can be retrieved on Google Analytics such as “I want to notify my team’s Slack channel of yesterday’s visits at 9 o’clock […]

Even this kind of service is subsk!? 2020 Consumer Subscriber Special!

Introduction This article introduces subscription services with a focus on consumer (For ToC). You can read the latest version of the service in 2020 at once. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular services, as well as some of the more niche ones. What is a subscription? Let’s review the meaning of subscription. Subscription (= Subscription) means subscription. It’s a model that you pay the service charge for a certain period of time, not for a single purchase. The most common pattern of subscription services is monthly subscriptions. The most common case is when you use the service for a fixed monthly fee and it is automatically renewed unless you stop it. Subscription Boom Becomes Steady Many services are now subscription models, including Amazon and NETFLIX. Subscription is a concept that has been around since the late 2010s. Originally a business model originating in the US IT software industry, subscription services are now available for real goods, including apparel, watches, food and cars. Subscription Benefits Why are subscriptions so hot? Here are the benefits of subscriptions from a user perspective. In general, the low hurdles are attractive, both financially and psychologically. Unlimited use Basically, you can use […]