7 learning services to learn business and programming!

Introduction This post focuses on learning services that help you improve your work skills. In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of online learning services, there are many environments where you can improve your skills without spending time and effort. Among them, we will introduce some utilities based on their popularity, versatility and usability. Schoo Schoo is an online video learning service based on the concept of “continue to learn”. You can watch a wide variety of channels such as business, technology, marketing, English conversation, engineer, and money. The main feature of Schoo is that everything is “live broadcasting” (If you are a paid member, you can watch videos.), and it also has the aspect of a community service where the students can communicate freely.S Overview of Schoo Service Schoo How to take the course Online video Concept Live broadcast community where adults continue to learn Genre ALL Features Live, Community Free plans ○ (Live viewing only) Paid plans Premium(980 JPY/M) Grow with Google Grow with Google is a free skill training program that Google launched in April 2019. Using the know-how that Google has cultivated through its training, this project provides free digital skill training to people in […]

Easily convert video files to GIFs!

Introduction There are times when you want to convert the video you have shot into a GIF format. There may be a variety of cases such as “the data volume is too heavy for the video format” or “I want to make a GIF and post it on SNS”. In this article, we will introduce PicGIF, a tool that allows you to easily convert videos to GIFs. What Is PicGIF? PicGIF is a service that allows you to create GIFs from videos and photos. There is PicGIF Lite available for free and PicGIF as a paid download. In this article, I will explain based on PicGIF Lite, which is free to use. Download PicGIF PicGIF is a desktop application, so you will need to download it. Click here for Mac OS PicGIF is only available on Mac OS.   How to use PicGIF Let’s take a look at how to use PicGIF. Once the download is complete, click on the icon to open it. The following is the main screen of PicGIF. Add a video This page explains how to convert video to GIF. The steps are as follows. Importing videos to PicGIF Load video into PicGIF Edit your video […]

If you’re worried about site speed – Create a fast WordPress site with Kinsta

Introduction In this article, I’ll introduce you to Kinsta, a premium managed hosting service for WordPress sites. Kinsta is a premium managed hosting service that offers a higher level of professionalism and quality of service as a premium managed hosting service, with a monthly fee to take care of the tuning and management of your WordPress site. If you’re starting to worry about the speed of your WordPress site If your WordPress site is growing steadily and the number of accesses increases, the load will inevitably increase. Kinsta is a good managed hosting service to consider migrating to when site load concerns increase. What is Managed Hosting Services? A hosting service is a service in which an Internet service provider takes care of a client’s web services and operates them. Among them, the managed hosting service is a service that allows you to manage your site almost entirely on your own. This is a more advanced hosting service. What Is Kinsta? Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting service operated by Kinsta in San Francisco, which is one of the highest performing WordPress hosting companies and boasts a high level of expertise and service quality, including winning the Top Tier WordPress […]

Why U-TILLY recommend Snap Camera for virtual backgrounds for video conferencing

The growing need for virtual backdrops for video conferencing With the proliferation of remote work, video conferencing has become a new habit. While video conferencing is easy to use regardless of the location, there is a growing need to adjust the background, such as “I don’t want to show a messy home” or “I just want to blur the background. Virtual backgrounds allow you to swap out your own backgrounds for your favorite wallpapers. What do you do with a video conferencing tool that doesn’t allow for virtual background settings? Tools that can change the virtual background as a basic setting, such as ZOOM, are fine, but if you are using a tool that does not have virtual background change as a basic feature, such as Google Meet, you will be in trouble. But that’s okay. The tool described in this article, Snap Camera, allows you to set up a virtual background in basically any video conferencing tool. WHAT IS Snap Camera? Snap Camera is a lens service that allows you to create virtual backgrounds and add effects to your face by modifying your camera, and is run by Snap, a company familiar with Snapchat. In addition to video conferencing, […]

How to use Google Meet – How to set up a virtual background for video conferencing

What Is Google Meet? A video conferencing tool provided by Google is “Google Meet”. In this article, we will explain the basics of Google Meet such as features and how to use it. Google announces Google Meet free offer Google Meet was originally a paid service for G Suite users, but Google has announced that it will gradually start offering it for free to the general public in May 2020 (Google Cloud Blog). This is due to a new type of coronavirus. Google Meet has been difficult for non-Gsuite users to use until now, but we expect to see more opportunities to use it. The main features that will be released with this free offer are It’s a very attractive feature for free use. Capable of holding large conferences (maximum 250 participants) Recording capabilities are now available. Live streaming capability now available How to use Google Meet Let me quickly explain how to use Google Meet. There are two main ways to use Google Meet. Use from Google Calendar Use from the Google Meet site Use from Google Calendar Google Meet can be launched from Google Calendar with almost one click. Here’s how to use it. Set up an appointment […]

Skype releases new ‘Meet Now’ feature for account-less video conferencing

Skype releases new ‘Meet Now’ feature Skype, the video conferencing tool, has announced the release of Meet Now, a new feature that will allow users to start video conferencing without an account, on April 4, 2020. Until now, it was difficult to conduct video conferencing without a Skype account, but with this release, it will be possible to conduct video conferencing without a Skype account. Main features of “Meet Now The key features of Meet Now are as follows Register an account to conduct a video conference You can have a video conference in your browser without installing the app   Only Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have been confirmed as compatible browsers.   How to use Meet Now We’ll show you how to use Meet Now in practice. As it turns out, it’s very speedy and I’ll link you to the appropriate page on Skype. Click on “Create a free meeting” on the right side of the screen. A conference link will be created. After a few seconds of waiting, a conference link will be created as shown below. Invite conference attendees to the link. Click on the invite button to select Outlook email and Gmail in addition to […]