7 learning services to learn business and programming!

Introduction This post focuses on learning services that help you improve your work skills. In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of online learning services, there are many environments where you can improve your skills without spending time and effort. Among them, we will introduce some utilities based on their popularity, versatility and usability. Schoo Schoo is an online video learning service based on the concept of “continue to learn”. You can watch a wide variety of channels such as business, technology, marketing, English conversation, engineer, and money. The main feature of Schoo is that everything is “live broadcasting” (If you are a paid member, you can watch videos.), and it also has the aspect of a community service where the students can communicate freely.S Overview of Schoo Service Schoo How to take the course Online video Concept Live broadcast community where adults continue to learn Genre ALL Features Live, Community Free plans ○ (Live viewing only) Paid plans Premium(980 JPY/M) Grow with Google Grow with Google is a free skill training program that Google launched in April 2019. Using the know-how that Google has cultivated through its training, this project provides free digital skill training to people in […]

The analysis you want to know will be optimized! About “Insight Features” in Google Analytics

Introduction Google Analytics is an essential tool for service marketing and data analysis, but the Insight feature has been in place since 2019 and continues to evolve. This article introduces you to Google Analytics Insight.   What is Google Analytics?     Google Analytics is a data analytics service provided by Google. You can use almost all of the features for free, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that almost every site has it.   See the following articles for basic usage of Google Analytics. How To Use Google Analytics For Marketing     What is the Insight feature? Now I will explain about the Insight function. The Insight function is a useful function that Google automatically analyzes the data of Google Analytics and gives you information that will give you a hint of service operation. When you log in to Google Analytics, you will see Insight on the main screen. Click More Analyses to see more insights. The Insight is being updated infrequently. For example, it provides the following analysis and topics:. Social media influx increased by X% compared to last week Facebook’s Incoming Users Stay Unusually Short on Site Page A has an unusually high bounce rate […]

Use Toggl to manage work time efficiently!

Introduction How do you manage your working hours? There are many ways to use it, such as using a watch or a stopwatch on a smartphone, but I think time management becomes complicated when you work like “IN THE END, HOW LONG HAS IT TAKEN TO DO THIS?” or “How much time did you spend as a team?”.   Point of time management is visible The point of time management is to visualize it first. Toggl is a useful tool for visualizing time management by project task. The advantage is that it’s very easy to manage the time of a project by many people, and the screen is simple and the UI is exciting, so you can manage the project with fun.   The scene where Toggl comes alive Where Toggl can be more active in a project, for example:. I run a blog and I want to manage the time for writing articles. I want to manage development time in a sprint on a project I want to manage the time spent on homework and assignments. I want to manage efficiently when assigning the same tasks to team members     Time Management Tool Toggl Toggl is a tool […]

Essential tools for monetizing ads on blogs and sites Google AdSense Basics

Introduction I think the time will come sooner or later to think about monetizing blog and site management such as advertising revenue. Advertising is the king of monetization, but Google AdSense is the bigger one. In this article, we introduce the basics of monetization from Google Adsense screening.     What is Google AdSense?   Google AdSense is an advertising monetization service provided by Google. You can earn ad revenue by posting AdSense ads on your blog or site.   About Adsense Revenue Describes AdSense revenue. The basic idea is that as the site’s PV goes up, so does the revenue.     There are three main revenue categories:. Revenue for the page views return on the click Revenue from video playback It can be said that the high unit price is the click. Basically, as page views increase, clicks occur at a certain rate. The unit price of page view is about 0.1 ~ 0.5 yen, but the unit price of click will increase from 20 yen to 100 yen.   AdSense launch requires review AdSense is a much better tool for monetizing your site, but it’s not easy for everyone to start. To register in Adsense, you need […]

How to Use the Google Search Console

Introduction SEO is something you can’t avoid if you run websites such as blogs and media. This post introduces Google Search Console, an essential tool for SEO analysis.     About SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means search engine optimization in Japanese. In simple terms, it refers to the act of putting your company or your site higher on the search screen. Being at the top of the search page is as visible to many as opening a store on a busy main street. Search is a very important area because it acts as a search in and of itself, increasing the likelihood that people who are more interested will visit your site.   How much does it change depending on the rank? There are a lot of reasons why the higher you rank in SEO, the better. The click rate (= CTR) is as different as the sky and the earth.   Generally, it is said that the CTR of the 1st search is from 70% to 30%. On the other hand, even if it is the same page 1, if it is ranked 10th in search, CTR will drop to around 1%. On the second […]

What is the Next Generation of Code-Free Design Tools “STUDIO”?

What is STUDIO? STUDIO is a new design tool based on the concept that you can publish your design directly on the web. It’s a fairly new tool with a one-stop approach to design, coding, and publishing.   Funding News Announced in July 2019 In July 2019, raising 130 million yen became a hot topic. With this funding, Japan Design Center, THE GUILD, PARTY and other big names representing Japan are participating. I hope it will improve the design and UX. Top designers representing the industry gather. STUDIO completes pre-series A funding of 130 million yen.   Concept video is cool. This is the concept video of STUDIO. (I feel that it has a well-designed posture as it is made with Vimeo.) STUDIO Features Now let me introduce the features of STUDIO.   The design is cool. With the Japan Design Center, THE GUILD, PARTY, and other leading Japanese design companies on board, you can create a more design-oriented but highly usable site. The good thing about STUDIO is its excellent design and intuitive feel.   Intuitively create a site design   STUDIO is a service that takes advantage of the “box model” model used for actual websites. By the […]