U-TILLY Suggests Best 18 Google Chrome Extensions

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In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best extensions in Google Chrome.



To get a Chrome extension

To get Chrome extensions, go to the Chrome Web Store.

You can get a ton of extensions and Chrome themes from the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store



Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture is an extension that enables screen capture. In particular, it is excellent for capturing an entire page and allows for smooth capture.


LINE Share

LINE Share  is a Chrome extension that allows you to easily share website text on LINE. When you select any text, a button to send by LINE appears, and you can send a message by LINE as it is.



Image Size Info

Image Size Info is a Chrome extension that makes it easy to see the size of an image.



Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is a Chrome extension to the online clipping service Pocket.  

When you find the content you are interested in, you can leave it on Pocket just by clicking the icon.in the status bar.



Twitcher is a Chrome extension that allows you to instantly switch your Twitter account.


eJOY English

eJOY English is a Chrome extension that lets you translate YouTube and NETFLIX video subtitles with one click. Of course, it can be translated into Japanese. There is also a word book saving function, so this extension is also used to support English study.


Translate Anywhere

Translate Anywhere can translate anywhere as its name suggests.

Select the part of the text you want to translate, right-click and select “translate”, then the Japanese translation appears.


Clear Cache

Clear Cache is a handy Chrome extension that instantly clears your cache.


Extensions Manager (aka Switcher)

Extensions Manager is a great add-on for users with a number of Chrome extensions. You can easily turn extensions on and off.


grt memo

grt memo is an add-on that makes it easy to take notes in Chrome.  

It’s just a simple way to take notes.



SearchPreview shows you a preview of your page in Google Search.  

It’s convenient that you can see what kind of page it is at the time of searching.



  AdBlock is an add-on that allows you to hide advertisements on web pages.    

However, you can’t use it on iPhone or Safari.


Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder

Screencastify is a Chrome extension that lets you capture video.  

It’s quite easy to use. By the way, you can watch and share the captured video by drag and drop. Also, it’s attractive that you can quickly edit such as writing letters.


Google Translate

Google Translate ‘s Chrome extension. By selecting the characters you want to translate, you can see the translation results. You can also know the pronunciation.  




Google Keep

Google Keep is a web clipping service from Google. You can use it when you want to save contents such as web pages, images, and sentences. You can sync your saved content across the web, Android devices, iOS devices, Android Wear, and more.



Lighthouse is a Chrome extension from Google that measures page performance.  

It calculates scores for performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and more. It is very useful because it will tell you the specific points to improve.


Data Saver

Data Saver is a Chrome extension from Google. You can browse comfortably while using less data. When you enable this extension, pages you visit are compressed on a Google server before they are downloaded. It’s a Google service, so you don’t have to worry.


ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick Eyedropper is a Chrome add-on that makes it easy to check the coloring of web pages. When you move the arrow over the content you want to check, the color code appears immediately.  



SimilarWeb is an extension that allows you to view the number of page views and visitors to your site.    

You can investigate the performance of the benchmark site.



Momentum is a personal dashboard with beautiful views and inspiring images. When you open Chrome, you’ll see a new tab with a time and message. You can see exciting and beautiful pictures just by looking.


Night Shift

Night Shift is a Chrome extension that automatically adjusts browser saturation. At night, it switches to display warm color that is gentle to the eyes.



Trello, the task management tool, has a lot of Chrome extensions.

U-TILLY has a post dedicated to Trello’s Chrome extension.



And finally

That’s it for Chrome extensions.







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