Learn how to use Todoist, a stress-free task management tool

  • 2020-08-08 (最終更新:2020-08-11)
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This article explains the task management tool Todoist. Speaking of task management tools, recently there are more and more tools with various functions such as kanban format, Gantt chart, Google calendar integration, reminders, sub-task registration, etc. Todoist is an attractive task management tool that can be used while keeping it as simple as possible to use. Todoist has an intuitive interface that helps you get into the habit of managing tasks.

What Is Todoist?

Todoist is a simple task management tool run by Doist, an international company. Rather than being multifunctional, the appeal of Todoist is that it allows you to focus on task management with limited features.

Introducing Todoist’s features

What is Todoist, roughly, and what kind of service is it? Here’s a quick rundown of the key points.

  1. A free task management app.
  2. You can manage tasks in a simple list format.
  3. You can also use the app.
  4. Easy checklist management

Free Task Management App

Todoist is free and ready to go. If you want to use more advanced features, there is a paid plan. Paid plans are explained in the second half of this article.

Manage your tasks in a simple list format

Todoist is a list of tasks to manage, whereas Trello is a list of cards that you can move around in a kanban format.

You can also use the app.

Todoist is available in the browser as well as the smartphone app. The data is synced instantly, so you can rest assured that your data is in sync. You can also use it as an add-on for Apple Watch, Gmail, or as a Google Chrome add-on, so you can sync your task management in almost any environment.

Easy checklist management

Todoist has a sub-task feature. This allows you to create a checklist (parent-child tasks). You can also effectively organize tasks that generate We will discuss subtasks in the next basic usage part.

Basic usage of Todoist

Here’s a basic explanation of how to use Todoist. It’s very simple to tell you ahead of time. Here is the main screen. This is where you manage your tasks.

Setting up a task

First, let’s set up a task. Click on the “Add Task” button. After that, you can enter “task content”, “due date”, “priority”, etc. as shown in the following GIF.



Setting Priorities for Tasks

You can set a priority level for the tasks you create in Todoist. You can set the priority by clicking the “Flag” icon on the task entry screen. There are four levels of priority, and you can color them to organize them.

The task list is automatically ordered by priority.

It is also possible to rearrange the order of the list, as long as it is within the same priority level.

Add a subtask

Todoist has a feature to add subtasks. In general, these are called parent-child tasks or checklists, which are management of multiple detailed tasks that are linked together to perform a single task. It’s like a checklist for a single task.

Let me explain how to enter sub-tasks in Todoist specifically. On the task entry screen, click “Add Sub-Task”.

Enter a subtask.

The schedule can of course be assigned a priority to the subtasks. It is also possible to add more grandchildren tasks that are tied to the subtasks you set.

You can delete a task by clicking the “circle” next to it.

Todoist Pricing Plans

As mentioned above, Todoist can use the basic plan for free. If you want to use more advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher-end premium or business plan. Even with the upgrade, the top level plan is still very reasonable with a monthly fee of $558 per person.

Here are the main features you can use with the top level plan

  • Reminder function: You can be reminded of task due dates.
  • Label & filter features: label and filter tasks and organize them
  • Commenting and File Uploading: allows for commenting and file uploading.
  • Productivity trends: an insightful feature.


Throughout this article, we have explained how you can use the simple task management tool Todoist. I hope you have found out that you can manage tasks intuitively and simply. That’s the end of this article on Todoist.