Here’s how to integrate the chat tools Slack and Trello

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This article explains how to link Trello, a useful task management tool, with Slack, a chat tool. Once you do that, you’ll be able to hack your Trello notifications, use Slack as a reminder, and more.

What is Trello?

Trello is a simple kanban task management tool.
You can use almost all functions for free.
This is a tool that allows you to manage tasks by moving tasks called lists and cards freely in a whiteboard-like space called a board.


How to Register Trello

You can register for Trello at the following official site.

Trello Official

Trello’s strength is its ability to work with a variety of external tools through add-ons.
Trello features add-ons. You can customize Trello yourself by adding various add-ons.

It also works with Confluence, a wiki tool run by Atlassian.


Slack is a business chat tool and one of the fastest growing services.
Slack can also dramatically increase productivity by collaborating with a variety of external tools.

Slack Official

How Trello and Slack work together

Here’s how Trello and Slack work together.
Trello and Slack work together in two broad patterns.


#1 Works with the Trello app

You can add Trello to Slack by adding an app.
Run the Trello command in Slack. Basically, this is for those who want to use Slack as a main machine.

#2 Works with Trello Alerts

Slack is notified when Trello is updated. If you want to manage tasks in Trello main, this is for you.

Learn more about how Trello works

Let us explain #1. Click “+” next to App in the left menu of Slack My Page.

The application list is displayed. Search for Trello here.
You’ll see two apps. This time, click on Trello above.

This will take you to the Trello introduction page below.
Click the “Access and install the site” button.

Click “Add to Slack”

Shows the group of Trellos you want to work with.
Click to be prompted to sign in to the workspace.

After signing in to Slack, you’ll see a list of what you can do with the collaboration.
Click “Allow” after confirming each.

Once it’s working, you’ll see that Trello has sent a notification to Slack.

The message includes a link announcement and a tutorial on how to use it.

Slack commands allow you to perform various operations. The details are captured, but you can roughly do the following:.

  • Create a new card and add it to the list
  • Invite teammates to the board
  • Learn more about cards and boards
  • add a comment to a card
  • put a time limit on a card

If you are in trouble, you can open the channel of TrelloBot and check the command list above.

Learn more about how Trello alerts work together

Here are the details of how Slack works with Trello alerts:.

Hit the “+” button from any Slack app to jump to the app list search screen.
From there, you can search for “Trello”. Trello alert appears.

Click “INSTALLATION”. Then, authentication and posting to the channel will be displayed. Click through each one. After authenticating the Trello account, specify the Slack channel.

When the message “Which Trello notifications do you want to show in Slack?” appears,
You can select a notification type from the checklist.

Scroll down to the bottom of the checklist and you’ll see the Save integration button. Click this button when you finish checking.

The message “Settings Saved” appears on the screen.
This completes the configuration.
I created a card called “TEST” and got a notification almost immediately.

And finally

This concludes our entry on how Trello and Slack work together.
It seems to be more efficient if I use them differently depending on my work style and compatibility.