Jira and Slack work together – how to get Slack notifications about project updates in Jira

Introduction Is there any case that I was assigned as the person in charge of Jira’s project, but the confirmation was omitted? In fact, by linking Jira and Slack, we can prevent missing notifications in the Jira project. This article explains how Jira and Slack work together. About Jira Jira is a project management tool that can be customized in a variety of formats. You can customize the Kanban method, Scrum, and other forms to best suit your project.   About Slack Slack is a business chat tool that’s quickly becoming mainstream. The Slack feature allows you to automate a variety of things with your own commands or to work with a variety of external applications. What is Slack? For basic information on using Slack, read the following entry. チャンネル?ツール連携?今さら聞けないSlack(スラック)の基本 Slack has a lot of tricks. It is an intermediate to advanced version, so it is summarized in the following entry. Please check it as well. 基本から応用まで!Slack(スラック)で今すぐ使える小ワザ集     How Jira and Slack work together   Jira Configuration First, I will explain about the setting on Jira. You can find applications in Jira at once by searching the application list page called App Market. Choose “settings” > “App” on the […]

Here’s a handy external integration app for the chat tool Slack.

Introduction With Slack, you can integrate with a variety of external apps to dramatically improve your experience. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful Slack apps. About Slack Slack is a huge messaging tool with over 10 million daily active users worldwide. It is run by Slack Technologies in San Francisco. If you’ve heard of Slack, but don’t know how to use it, check out the post below. What is a channel? What do you do with tool linkage? Meet the basics of Slack チャンネル?ツール連携?今さら聞けないSlack(スラック)の基本 Slack App directory On Slack, there is a page called “Slack App Directory” which is a marketplace where you can find various apps like an app store. Slack App directory In this App Directory, you can search popular apps by theme, new apps, and so on. Recommended Apps in the App Directory Here are some of the best apps in the App Directory.   ZOOM This is an application that can be linked with ZOOM, a video chat tool. You can receive a notification of the MTG start of ZOOM. Dropbox Dropbox can automatically receive notifications on Slack when files are updated. This will help reduce the cost of […]

How to use IFTTT, a service that connects and automates various services

Introduction In my daily life, I use various tools and services from communication to task management. Slack, LINE, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google Calendar, Trello, YouTube, Siri, etc. IFTTT is a tool that makes it easier to connect these services and operate them automatically.   What is IFTTT? IFTTT stands for “IF This Then That”. It means IF (If) This (This) then (THEN…) That (Do this). For example, you can “Say this to Amazon Echo and you’ll be included in your Google Calendar.” or “Slack Alerts You When You Have More Twitter Followers” or “Make your favorite songs on YouTube available on Spotify”. In addition, you don’t need any programming knowledge to configure IFTTT, and you can do it in a few intuitive clicks.   Major services linked with IFTTT IFTTT allows many services to work together. In a nutshell, it connects Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, LINE, Slack, Amazon Echo, Siri, Samsung, Medium, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Docs, BMW labs, GitHub, Gmail, Square, Android, Uber, and almost any other service we might use in our lives. You can use it in the following categories (Partial excerpt). Communications Devices OS Calendar Schedule Task Management Voice Assistance Lifestyle (Music, travel, travel, etc.) IoT Devices […]

What is a channel? What do you do with tool linkage? Meet the basics of Slack

Introduction This post, titled “The Basics of Slack” introduces you to the business scene, especially Slack, a chat tool that is becoming mainstream on the Internet and startups.   What is Slack? Slack is primarily a chat tool for business engineers and other projects. In a similar category, there are “Work Chat” run by Facebook, “Chatwork” run by Chat work, and “LINE Works” run by LINE. Slack is particularly popular with startups, IT companies and engineers. Behind the scenes, Slack’s unique features include slash-command customization and active app integration with external services.   Slack Users Slack currently has more than 500,000 organizations in more than 150 countries and more than 10 million daily active users. In Japan, the number of active users has exceeded 500,000, making it the second largest in the world. That’s a lot of growth. Main clients of Slack      Company that operates Slack Slack is run by Slack Technologies. A communication tool developed by Stewart Butterfield in 2009.   Originally a game development company Slack was actually developed by Butterfield and others as a team communication tool for developing online games. I improved the product mainly through feedback from my friend’s company. Slack stands for […]

Simple Poll Lets You Vote And Survey In Slack

Introduction Here’s a handy little trick from the business chat tool Slack. Simple Poll is a handy feature when you need to take a quick poll or collect votes on a Slack channel.   About Slack Slack is a growing business chat tool. It’s actually a huge chat tool with nearly 500,000 daily active users in Japan. One of the features of Slack is its customizability. You can make your work more efficient by setting up your favorite teams. If you want to know slack tips, here is the article. 基本から応用まで!Slack(スラック)で今すぐ使える小ワザ集 In Slack, there’s a “/ (Slash)” called “slash command” that you can use to perform various operations and provide instructions. Slack commands can be found here. 完全保存版!仕事が捗るSlack(スラック)ショートカットコマンド総まとめ Slack can also work with a variety of external services. U-TILLY has its own entry on popular collaborations, so be sure to check it out. Here is the article about Confluence, collaboration wiki tool Confluence(コンフルエンス)とSlackを連携させる方法      Simple Poll makes it easy to create polls and polls I think Simple Poll can be used for the following needs. This is useful when you want to hear the team’s preferences and overall trends, such as votes and surveys. vote:Vote on your favorite ideas/drinking […]