For marketing, check out this media first! Top 12 Marketing Media/Blogs in Japan

  • 2019-09-15 (最終更新:2019-09-16)
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As digitization progresses, the need for marketing information such as “Where can I check marketing news?” and “I want to know the latest method of marketing.” is increasing year by year.

In this article, we introduce the domestic media services that we recommend to follow in the marketing media and news.




MarkeZine is the leading specialized media for marketers in Japan.

MarkeZine is the undisputed media of the marketing world. There are general categories for marketing, but I have a strong impression mainly on digital marketing news.



Ferret is a marketing medium run by Basic inc.

Believing in the concept of “basis for marketers” ferret is not a breaking news site, but rather a rich collection of tips on digital marketing.

In addition to advertising, there are many good contents with strong genres such as SEO and CRM.




WebTantoshaForum, run by Impress inc., is full of practical content for all marketers.

In particular, in-depth coverage articles that can be said to be geeky to the person in charge of the site are the true essence of WebTantoshaForum, and they provide the reality of the site beyond general theory.



AdverTimes is a medium run by Sendenkaigi inc., known for “Senden-Kaigi”.

So there are more examples, news, and interview articles that are closer to mass communication.

If you want the latest creative examples, communication and promotion news, you have to go to AdverTimes.



As its name suggests, ITmediaMarketing is a marketing media operated by ITmedia.

We distribute trends and news from around the world related to marketing.

This is a very important medium to keep track of trends from big news to market research information.





DIGIDAY is the Japanese version of and is operated by infoburn inc.

With the above background, you can see the Japanese translation of the news about global digital marketing.

We often deal with global trends in brand and community marketing as content.



AdGang is a medium that compiles examples of advertisement promotion not only in Japan but also globally.

For example, it summarizes a lot of popular promotional news from British sports brands to Peruvian financial institutions.

It can be said to be a useful medium for the idea stock of the latest cases of promotion.



SMMlab is a media focused mainly on marketing SNS such as Facebook and twitter.

You can get information about the latest social media promotion cases and trends around SNS.




RTB SQUARE is primarily a digital advertising media focused on programmatic advertising news. There is also a wealth of information about the programmatic advertising ecosystem, especially DSP, SSP, and Adexchange.

Every year, RTB SQUARE creates a chaotic map of the marketing industry. is a media focused on operational advertising such as SEM run by Atara inc. It features the latest news from Google and Facebook, mainly related to marketing, as well as a wealth of in-depth content on tips for managing ads.




BuzzBu is a strong SEO content marketing medium run by Lucy inc.

If you work in a company’s own media business, you may have seen it before. This is a must-see media, especially if you want to learn more about SEO practices.

And finally,

This concludes our introduction of the top 12 marketing media in Japan.
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