You can list your specialty on crowdsourcing service “Coconala”!

  • 2019-06-19 (最終更新:2019-08-12)
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If you think about side business or side business while doing your main business, if you stick to cost performance, you should basically do “Time is flexible.” “No need to move” “I don’t want to do the impossible work. I don’t want to do the impossible work.”

I think it is desirable. In this post, we will introduce a service “coconala” where you can be rewarded for what you are good at when you are at home.

Services that enable part-time work at home

In the first place, when you think of a service that allows you to do side jobs at home, crowdsourcing comes to mind first.

Coconala is another crowdsourcing service, but it has a very unique feature.

To learn more about the crowdsourcing service itself, check out the following entry:.

Here’s a comparison between Crowdworks and Lancers.



Registration is free!

You can register as a member for free. Facebook and Yahoo! It works with the ID so that you can register in as little as one minute.




Coconala Can Sell Your Skills

Coconala is a platform where you can list your favorite skills from 500 yen.

Just as you can price and sell clothes at Mercari, you can also price and sell your skills at coconala.

Sell skills, not goods!

Unlike Mercari, you can sell your own skills and knowledge, which gives you a high degree of freedom and eliminates the need for stock.

There are more than 20 types of skills that can be sold at coconala!

Even if they say they can sell their skills, many of them may not have an image at first.

Skills are categorized in coconala.

The following is a rough pick up.

  • Portraits, illustrations, and comics
  • Website production and web design
  • music and narration
  • Movies, photos and images
  • writing naming
  • business support agency
  • Business advice and advice
  • attracting customers and Web marketing
  • Translation and language
  • IT Programming
  • divination
  • Counseling and Counseling
  • Love and marriage
  • Beauty, fashion and health
  • Career, employment, qualifications, and study
  • lifestyle
  • Hobbies and Entertainment
  • Professional (Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, Certified Tax Accountant, etc.)
  • Money, sidelines and affiliates
  • Legal Counseling (lawyer)

What are the popular categories in coconala?

There are many skill categories, but the most popular ones in coconala are “Illustration”, “Design” and “Business Consultation”. Counseling and fortune-telling are very popular among women, so it seems unique compared to the usual crowdsourcing service. In the fortune telling category alone, 13,000 items are listed!

What is the market price of Coconala?

Let’s check the market price of Coconala.

The minimum listing price is 500 yen. After that, depending on the sales results, you can set the high listing prices of 1,000 yen, 2,000 yen, and 10,000 yen. The maximum is 50,000 yen.

The characteristics of the market are as follows.

  • The crowdsourcing service seems to be more expensive in terms of the unit price of the project.
  • You can create unique listings for individuals that don’t exist in normal crowdsourcing.

Coconala will keep the money until the delivery is completed.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to keep your promise and not being able to deposit money because the money will be held by coconala until the delivery of the service is completed.


Coconala has an evaluation system

Like Mercari, coconala has an evaluation system. You can score your satisfaction with the listing. You can also score the successful bidder.

Basically, the higher the score, the easier it is to get together, and the more secure we are in the business. Let’s try to improve the score by responding to the successful bidder comfortably.


There is also a ranking system.

Coconala has a ranking system for sellers. This is because the more you sell the service, the higher your rank, and the more likely you are to win more deals.

  • None: First listing
  • Regular: 1 or more cumulative paid-for sales
  • Bronze: More than 10 paid sales
  • Silver: Over 10 paid sales in the last 3 months. At least 80% of deliveries completed in the last 3 months
  • Gold: Sales of ¥50,000 or more in the last 3 months. At least 90% of deliveries completed in the last 3 months. and cumulative average rating of 4.8 or higher
  • Platinum: Sales of more than 100,000 yen in the last 3 months. At least 90% of deliveries completed in the last 3 months. and cumulative average rating of 4.8 or higher. And the identity is confirmed.

What is the coconala fee? Is it expensive? Cheap?

I will explain the coconala fee.

First of all, the listing fee is free. No matter how much you list, there will be no cost!

25% commission + tax will be deducted at closing time according to selling price (*). Compared to the crowdsourcing service, the fee might be a little expensive.


type of person matching coconala

What is the type of person that matches coconala, not Crowdworks or Lancers?

  1. a person whose domain of expertise is clear
  2. a person who likes marketing ideas
  3. a person who like to make their own products

a person whose domain of specialty is clear

It’s a platform that sells well, so of course it’s very advantageous when you’re better at it than others. The strengths of “Good at drawing” and “You can create a logo.” are easy to understand. However, those who are good at “He is a good listener.” can list items such as “You can ask me anything.” and can list items in various ways depending on their ideas.

a person who likes marketing ideas

There are elements of a strategy game, such as offering good products in the most popular category or selling items that are likely to sell strategically. Also, if there is an attractive introduction in the same listing, the possibility of winning a bid increases, so it is suitable for people who like marketing thinking.

a person who like to make their own products

Coconala is a platform where you can list your ideas freely, so it is attractive that you make products by yourself. It can be said that those who can create new products are more suitable for cocoa than those who have already decided on them.

And finally,

Why don’t you take inventory of your specialty and put it up on Coconala?

This completes the entry for coconala.

Utilities offers a number of services that can help you do side or side jobs.

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